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Submission Deadlines & Entry Fees

  • Submission Deadlines & Entry Fees

  • Submissions Open: July

  • Free Submission Deadline: August, 31st, 2021 

  • Late Submissions Deadline: September, 10th, 2021 (Late fee $20 require)

  • All materials must be received by the committee by the submission deadline above.

  • Official Selections will be announced: September, 19th, 2021

  • Awards ceremony:  September 19th, 2021 (Premiere with Montgomery International Film Festival)


Film Contest Rules & Terms

Deadline for Entries:

  • Entries for In Between Us Film Festival (Film Contest) can be submitted before regular deadline August 31st, 2021. Late submission deadline will be on September 10th, 2021. (Late fee $20 reuiqre) 


  • Every group (less than 5 people) may submit one film product.

  • We are an international film festival and thus accept films from anywhere in the world as long as you were in high school or under 21 years old when the film was made. 

  • We do not have any premiere requirements for devices but do prefer devices later than IPhone11(including IPhone11).

  • All music and other copyrighted material used in the film must be properly authorized. Applicants have the obligation to ensure the legal status of the film itself. In the event of a legal dispute (e.g., any copyright infringement including but not limited to the rights to music, stills, or videos featured in the submission) before, during, or after the film festival, the applicant will assume full legal responsibility and bear all costs related to the dispute (including attorney and court fees). 

  • Due to the fact that our film festival judges are from both China and the U.S., all submissions are required to have English subtitles embedded.

  • The Festival reserves the right to use all materials for promotional purposes and for the Festival Catalogue. During the Festival, selected films will be available on YouTube, open exclusively to accredited film professionals, journalists and festival organizations. By accepting to participate in In-Between-Us film festival, submitters grant permission for their film to be included in the video library, unless otherwise mentioned in the entry form.

Submission Guideline:

  • Step1: When submitting your video, please remember that you are submitting a link (URL) to your video (such as on YouTube, Vimeo, some other video hosting site, or your own website), not the video itself. 

  • Step 2: Send an email to The subject should follow file naming conventions: FirstNameLastName_FilmTitle , if the team has multiple teammate, put one teammate’s name in the subject. Examples: SophiaLee_MyFilm

  • Step 3: In the email, you should also introduce your team and give a short introduction (English ver) to your film (no more than 200 words).

Personal Information: 

  • To submit your Film you will be required to provide:

  1. your first and last name

  2. school/company/organization name

  3. email address

  4. Film URL

  • The information you provide will be used only for contest administration and to contact contest winners. Your information will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any party not affiliated with the Festival and the Contest except to the extent permitted by law.

Selection and Notification of Winners: 

  • Outstanding Film,

  • Outstanding Director,

  • Outstanding Actor/Actress

All award winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony.

Programming and Selection

Peer Review:

  • The peer-review process subjects filmmakers’ work and ideas to the scrutiny of others (peers) who also participate in the In-Between-Us film festival so that participants will hear voices from peers and make progress together. Feedback will be collected and shared after the peer-review.

Judging and Selection: 

  • The selection committee will nominate films to the professional contest judges (established filmmakers and film scholars from China and the U.S.), and the panel of judges will assess the films and exchange opinions. Eventually, the scoring breakdown will decide the contest prizes. At the same time, the organizing committee will gather the judges’ scores and feedback and release the awards on the festival website.

Rules & Terms

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