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About Us

In Between Us Foundation is a non-profit, student-run organization that aims to promote the well-being of international students around the globe.

Through fundraisers, online presentations, and youth-centered events, In Between Us hopes to inspire more students studying abroad to speak up on their behalves. Students in foreign countries regularly encounter problems such as living alone, cultural misunderstandings, and academic struggles. In Between Us provides a platform that connects the students in struggle and the opportunity to express their thought and doubt.

In Between Us Foundation是一个由学生运营的非盈利组织,旨在促进全球国际学生的福祉。


通过资金筹集、在线演讲和以青年为中心的活动,In Between Us希望激励更多海外留学的学生为自己说话。因为在国外的学生经常会遇到独居、文化误解和学业困难等问题。因此In Between Us提供了一个平台让学生有机会可以表达他们的想法和困惑。

Meet the Team


Founder (Sophia Wang).jpg
Sophia Wang

Hi, my name is Sophia and I'm 17. I've been a huge movie fanatic since forever. So I've always been curious about what goes behind the magical scenes I saw as a kid. Through the first In Between Us festival, I hope to build a platform for teenagers to communicate videos creating.
Everyone can have an opportunity to improve skills in cinematography, storytelling, editing, directing, and so much more. I am looking forward to meeting all these brilliant minds over the summer and learning from each other.

Sophia Wang:

今年17岁的Sophia是个电影迷。希望通过第一个In Between Us festival,为青少年搭建一个交流视频创作的平台。让每个人都有机会提高摄影、讲故事、剪辑、导演等方面的技能。期待着与所有这些才华横溢的人见面,互相学习。

Founder (Ian Chen).jpg
Ian Chen

Hi, my name is Ian, a 17-year-old international student who has been to United States for four years. I am into video production, photography, composing music, and drawling right now, hoping those skill can eventually guide accomplishing our dream. We shot the mini movie during the pandemic. Hoping to speak up for more Gen Z.

Ian Chen:


Founder (Christy Liu).jpg
Christy Liu

My name is Christy. I am a junior at Fairfax Christian School in Virginia. Generation Zero has many incorrect labels and that’s the reason why we shot In Between Us to tear off these labels. Realizing there’s few platforms for teenagers to share their creative videos. We founded In Between Us Foundation and decided to initiate the first In Between Us Movie Festival to encourage more teenagers to join us and speak up for themselves.

Christy Liu:

Christy是弗吉尼亚州费尔法克斯基督教学校的一名三年级学生。因为意识到可供青少年分享创意视频的平台很少,因此和朋友成立了In Between Us基金会。希望通过这个平台以鼓励更多的青少年加入我们,为他们自己说话。

voice to be heard, stories to be told


#CellphoneAddict, #Lazy, #TechnologyAndCelebrity, these are among the many labels people put on generation Z(mostly teenagers). “brb”, “pfp”, “tbh”, this young generation seems to have created their own language that makes people in other cohorts completely clueless. So many others would say, “don’t just scroll through your Tiktok or Instagram, do something useful.” However, it is easy for outsiders to forget what it feels like to be a teenager. Ignoring generation Z’s distinctive opinions and critical thinking is now a very common mentality among the older cohorts.

Generation Z doesn’t want to be judged merely based on their entertainment, or labeled unfairly by others who do not understand. Recently, a couple of high school students worked together and produced a micro-documentary “In Between Us”. Through documenting their real-life experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, the students wanted to encourage more teenagers to express their difficulties and thoughts in this special situation and even in the future.

This film focuses on distinctive perspectives from three different teenagers: a high school girl studying abroad redefining “family” and “home” during her time living alone, a teenage influencer figuring out her true self through others’ opinions, and a boy in quarantine trying to understand his loneliness and thoughts.

The creators of this documentary would like to host an online screening event through zoom, hoping to magnify generation z’s voice and inspire other teenagers to share their stories. Anyone interested is welcome to join this event. People who want to support this cause can donate at their own discretion and the creators will put that money into building a film festival, dedicating to teenage film producers who wish to share their thoughts and stories to the world through an artistic approach.

“In Between Us” is the voice of the youth. During the Pandemic, living abroad, and in solitude, it is inevitable that we will face doubt and trouble. But this documentary encourages generation Z to face the hardship head-on. Because if we speak loud enough, eventually there will be echoes, and eventually people will hear us. Just like the quote at the end of the film, “Just like you, each of us is struggling with the suffering, but we firmly believe that there will be a rainbow waiting for us behind the thick dark clouds. To everyone who is still working hard, we are with you.”

If you agree with us and want to support more Gen Z to speak up for their voices. All funding will be used for supporting international students' movie creation. 
We appreciate your support!

In Between Us Poster.jpg

We believe all youth can embrace who they are, can

define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To raise $1,500 from the online screening fundraiser of In Between Us micro-documentary and to dedicate all the funds into creating a youth film festival. This film festival will be organized by students and for students around the globe.


Participants can choose from various artistic approaches such as movie, documentary, animation, recorded performance, and play/screenplay to express themselves. The festival provides an opportunity for teenagers to tell their story and their understanding of the world. The $1,500 fund will entirely be put into this film festivals' prize for outstanding  participants.




Fan Cheering

Our Vision

Through this film festival, In Between Us Foundation wants to create a platform where teenagers around the world can freely express their thoughts through arts and to help magnify youth's voice. More importantly, we want to strengthen the connection between students worldwide, prompting them to listen to each other, to help each other grown under the surge of studying abroad and COVID-19.

Catalyze global conversations to reduce cultural stigma and improve access to Youth mental health support and resources with creative outreach. 

A picture may very well be worth a thousand words. A motion picture? Maybe even more than that. Film can be a powerful, transformative catalyst. 

通过这次电影节,In Between Us Foundation想要创造一个平台,让世界各地的青少年可以通过艺术来自由地表达自己的想法,帮助放大青少年的声音。依靠这个平台希望加强世界各地学生之间的联系,促使他们在海外留学和新冠肺炎疫情的浪潮中相互倾听,相互帮助成长。



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