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Partners of the Film Festival


Montgomery International Film Festival aim to foster a community of free thinking filmmakers, those who are pushing the boundaries of sound and vision into a new frontier.


Bingru Wang

Phoenix Television



Held annually since 2001 in a week-long April event, Ivy Film Festival has grown to become the largest student-run film festival in the world. Festival week features advanced screenings of feature films, panels, keynotes, workshops, and masterclasses with some of the most highly regarded professionals in the industry. The heart of the festival is the Official Selection of short student films, screenplays, and virtual reality experiences. In 2016, Ivy Film Festival expanded its reach to partner with dozens of universities across the world through its Satellite Film Festival, bringing its world-renowned Official Selection to audiences throughout the globe.



AmeriChina Group is a public relations and business consulting firm assisting American businesses in establishing and expanding their brands in the contemporary Chinese marketplace and, in turn, connecting Chinese businesses and individuals with U.S. opportunities. The main service includes customized global study and experience trip, international event planning, and advertising and media relations.

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